Top 7 Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Top 7 Best Web Hosting For Beginners


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Website creation is not complex these days. You can make and launch a website in less than a day. Hence, you can start selling anything online to a global audience quickly. But, one tricky thing is to find good hosting. You will see a huge difference in different vendors when you start a survey. Let us tell you about the 7 best web hosting for beginners to help you avoid this confusion.

Four Qualities To Look For

Every web hosting does not suit every business. All businesses have unique requirements. One vendor may work for one company and does not work for the other. Here are the four qualities you must look for whatever your requirements are. 

  1. The first and most important factor is speed. Even if your website is not business-based, slow speed is a big no. Look for hosting with high-speed servers. The best is when they also provide content delivery networks.    
  2. The second important quality is customer support. As a beginner, you will need it many times. Do not settle for anything less than 24/7 support. Also, try to find the one that offers support via many channels like phone, chat, and email. 
  3. The third is pricing. Try to strike a healthy balance. Do not pay too much and also get the necessary features. 
  4. Choose the content management system that is easy to use and provides a free website builder. 

7 Best Web Hosting For Beginners


  • WPX

WPX is one of the best web hosting brands you should not ignore. They provide unbeatable support. The time you may have to wait is typically not longer than 30 seconds. Fast servers with excellent customer service are available for WordPress site owners. No doubt, WPX maintains its leading position in managed WordPress hosting.

Moreover, WPX offers a free content delivery network. Hence, it ensures ultra-high-speed without disturbing the budget. WPX provides enough disk space from 10 to 40 GB. Their packages start at $20 per month. Yes, it is a little expensive as compared to others.  

The valuable feature of the staging area allows you to test the changes you make. The interface is straightforward. It is no big deal to manage emails, databases, and payments. The uptime is as high as 99.9%. Even if you have to manage multiple websites, they have your back. 

WPX takes daily backups. Switch to any of the older versions whenever you think you should. If you have to move from one host to another, WPX does it for free. 

The next free thing on the list is SSL. Ecommerce businesses cannot have clients’ trust without SSL. WPX provides a refund within 30 days if you do not like the product.

  • Grid Hosting

Grid Hosting is one of the globally trusted businesses with high speed and robust security. Intelligent programs protect you from malicious attempts with their great anti-DDoS solutions. In addition, grid Hosting offers rich features at really affordable prices. Starting costs are as low as $0.5 per month. 

Grid Hosting offers nightly backup solutions. So you can restore the files that you deleted earlier by accident. It is also helpful in case of a hack or breach. 

Domain search is one of the best features. It allows you to search for your perfect domain name and buy it. Grid Hosting offers more than 600 Ltd. Domain transfer and domain registration facilities are also available. 

Grid Hosting’s products are incredibly diverse solutions. The product list is so versatile to offer different types of servers. The company provides cloud servers, gaming servers, Minecraft servers, and VPS servers. Enjoy playing games like Minecraft with your community and amazingly low latency. The latest hardware ensures a smooth user experience. 

Cloud servers are managed to provide the best flexibility and reliable scalability. Grid Hosting also provides VPS servers that use solid-state drives. That gives blazing-fast speed and integrated cPanel. Some plans offer cPanel, and some offer Plesk to help you manage your server. A reliable colocation service with a quarter rack, half rack, and the full rack is also available.   

  • FlyWheel

Flywheel is also great at managed packages. Their packages are affordable, servers are fast, and customer services are reliable. Flywheel also guarantees 99.9% uptime. The packages start from $23 per month, and disk space against different plans varies from 20 GB to 200 GB. Free and efficient CDN ensures the quick loading time your eCommerce business needs. Fastly empowers the CDN of Flywheel. 

Their pricing structure is quite different from other hosting providers. The vendor adjusts the price according to your needs and offers custom features. These features align with your business needs. There is no compulsion to choose a particular pre-designed plan and pay a set fee. Support is always available. You have many options to reach out to them whenever you encounter any problem. You may use call, email, or message if you like. One of the best advantages is the free malware clean-up they offer. It enhances your cybersecurity strategy. 

Flywheel takes a complete backup of your website at the end of every day. Revert to previous versions when things are problematic. However, there are two downsides. There is no SSH, and there is no Git Deployment. 

Built-in security features make the absence of SSH a little lesser concern. Yet some businesses may not like it. Finally, the lack of Git is a concern if you use the Git control system to deploy your website code. However, it is no big deal if you are using Wix. 

  • SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the most highly rated and renowned hosting providers. Many users see it as the best WordPress hosting provider. Many buyers also find it best for shared hosting, wooCommerce, and reseller business. 

With 99.9% uptime, the starting price of SiteGround plans is $6.99 per month. For different plans, the space you get ranges from 10 GB to 40 GB. 

SiteGround shows impressive versatility when it comes to payment options. There are many ways to accept payments. You can pay via credit and debit cards, bank transfers, checks, PayPal, and cash on delivery. 

SiteGround is extremely beginner-friendly. With an intuitive dashboard, users can easily do anything they want to do. In addition, the staging area is available to make changes easy.  

Users love the features of pre-installed WordPress or WooCommerce. Launch your first WooCommerce and WordPress websites in no time. Being pre-installed is the best plus. The user does not have to get into the trouble of learning the WordPress installation. Moreover, the super-fast servers with the best CDN load your pages at great speed. If you have to target a specific country like the UK, SiteGround lets you store all your data there. Moreover, customer support is also as fast as speed. ‘

  • Hostinger

Hostinger is famous for its budget-friendly plans. The company offers cheaper plans for those who are tight on budget. You get good email hosting, unlimited websites, and much more without paying much. The starting cost is not more than one dollar per month, and disk space starts from 10 GB. For some plans, you can even have unlimited disk space. Also, you can get a refund if you claim it within one month. It is best for Magento, Shared, Cloud, VPS, Minecraft, and WordPress. 

It is natural to think that performance will suffer if the price goes down. But, Hostinger does not let it happen. Despite low prices, it shows high levels of performance. They guarantee 99.75% uptime and mean it. Page loading time is also impressive. 

Save money with a free domain that comes with every plan. You can use it for 12 months. Hostinger also provides good security. A free SSL certificate is available with every plan. Hostinger also offers special offers and impressive discounts though prices are already low. In addition, you can enjoy many more extras if you opt for high-price plans. Enjoy unlimited domains, emails, and bandwidth.

  • BlueHost

Here is another cheap yet fantastic web hosting vendor. In the early stages of business, most people cannot afford to pay heavy hosting fees. So, BlueHost is one of the best web hosting for beginners. From 100 GB to unlimited disk space is available. Starting cost is $6.95 per month. 

BlueHost supports WordPress hosting, Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Cloud hosting. BlueHost provides several great pre-installed tools. It helps you with SEO by providing some great SEO tools. Enjoy pre-built site monitoring tools. BlueHost also includes security resources like JetPack and a good website builder.

SSL is an excellent addition to all websites. It is near critical for eCommerce websites. BlueHost provides the certificate for free. Just like Hostinger, BlueHost also provides a free domain for 12 months.   

All plans offer unmetered bandwidth. However, an update would be necessary if you frequently cross the average limit. One downside with BlueHost is the heavy renewal cost. Yes, the starting costs are attractive, but it turns out to be expensive in the long run due to renewal costs. Add-ons are also not so affordable. 

Also, unlike many other hosting providers, site migration is not free. It is only free of cost when you use the WordPress website builder. If you use dedicated server hosting, they will charge you.

  • DreamHost

DreamHost is also one of the best vendors, with 99.9% uptime and starting cost of $3.95 per month. The company is known as the best Linux hosting in web hosting discussions and circles. So, it makes one of the best options if the Linux operating system empowers your website.  

Moreover, DreamHost provides excellent security features. Other than free SSL, it provides automatic malware remover, HTTP/2 support, and two firewalls. Website management is also super easy with DreamHost. Thanks to its easy and intuitive control panel. The absence of email storage and windows support are two disadvantages of DreamHost.

The Final Verdict

We hope that this article helps you choose the server that best meets your needs. However, keep in mind that customer support is the most critical area for beginners. WPX and Grid Hosting provide the most high-level customer support.

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