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Reseller Hosting UK: All You Need To Know About Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting UK: Four Reasons why it is a Viable Business Idea?

Are you looking for up-to-the-mark hosting services in the UK? If yes, then ‘reseller hosting uk’, and ‘best reseller hosting UK’ must be your top search phrases on Google.

This post from Grid Hosting is about the reasons that contribute to the enormous growth and astounding fame of reseller hosting. In other words, we are going to cover the advantages of reseller hosting.

Reseller Hosting UK

Reseller Hosting Introduction

Reseller hosting is a business where you host websites for your customers without actually owning any servers of your own. First, you rent server space from a traditional hosting company. And then you re-rent the server space and resources to your customer.

The hosting company maintains and owns the server. Things like technical support and tackling hardware failures are their headache.

So now if you cannot wait to start a reseller hosting uk business, first you have to buy a reseller hosting plan that lets you rent server space and resources from the provider. They may charge you on an annual or monthly basis for that. Charges could be monthly as well as annually.

It should not be difficult to find the one that offers attractive reseller hosting plans to help you start your business. A simple Google search should suffice. As a web developer or designer, a reseller hosting business would be a great plus to your business and add a substantial amount to your revenue.

Reseller Hosting UK

Many attractive resellers hosting plans are available in the United Kingdom. However, do your due diligence, and spend some good time researching to find out which one is the best for your customers.

That would also help you figure out your customers. Identifying the target audience and jotting down their needs, wants, and demands are crucial aspects of any modern business.

Ideally, good reseller hosting providers must ensure great up-time and cutting-edge technical support 24/7.

Do not forget to read customer reviews before you purchase. Beware of the internet scammers who may try to deceive you with attractive titles like ‘unlimited reseller hosting UK’, or ‘cheap unlimited reseller hosting’.

Here are some other qualities of a good reseller hosting plan.

  • Package Making

The ideal reseller hosting has to be flexible enough to let you create and manage your own packages. Your audience could be diverse. Not all of them would have the same desires. Provide multiple plans that suit the needs of different groups.

For this kind of market survey, Google Forms is one of the best tools.

Different levels of hosting packages can maximize your sales and appeal, and lead to business growth.

  • Powerful Control Panel

Your ideal reseller hosting provider will be the one that provides cPanel in all of their hosting packages. It is almost an industry standard. If you do not see phrases like Reseller hosting cPanel on their website, they are not a good fit.

  • Built-in Billing Software

When you run reseller hosting, you are juggling a plethora of administrative tasks. Reseller hosting package that comes with a web management platform, can make your life much easier.

Why Reseller Hosting UK is a top Google Search Phrase

What is the reason they are so popular that so many people want to read about them and search for them on google? Let’s discuss four major reasons.

1. Nice Addition to Web Design/Development Business

If you are a professional web developer or web designer you must have experienced satisfied clients asking for hosting services from you.

This is natural. Of course, the first people we get in contact with for our web-based projects are web developers and web designers. If they fulfil our expectations, we prefer them for hosting projects as well.

But this is equally beneficial for developers. Rather than directing them to a hosting company you can provide them with the reseller hosting services and earn a good amount.

Host the website by yourself and become a one-stop solution for customers. This will add up to your existing number of customers.

2. Minimal Investment Needed

The first thing that shatters the dreams of new business ventures is a capital requirement. Many businesses require a huge budget from the starting point that not everyone can afford.

Starting a reseller hosting business requires a minimal amount in the start. Major infrastructure costs are really affordable.

There is no need to buy servers. When servers are not your responsibility, then hiring experts who can control them is also not your responsibility. Moreover, you do not have to worry about hardware failures.

Although you have to lease the server space.

Reseller hosting plans are easy to scale, so evolving customer requirements should not terrify you. One of the plans that customers love the most is WordPress Reseller Hosting.

3. Technical Expertise Not Required

Reseller hosting businesses do not require you to learn any new technology. That is why so many people are jumping into the business.

Other hosting types may require learning skills. That consumes a big chunk of your time and resources.

A software called WHMCS (Web Hosting Management Complete Solution) makes it very easy to set up reseller hosting. It keeps track of all administrative tasks like sending reminders and tracking payments.

Unlimited reseller hosting with whmcs would be a great service to avail. However, those who love cPanel (an old web host management software) may still opt cPanel Reseller hosting.

WHMCS allows you to:

  • Create accounts
  • Delete accounts
  • Allocate permissions
  • Set limits to their usage

4. Handsome Revenue

The main goal of all of the businesses in the world is the same. It is profit. Reseller hosting achieves this goal in a smart and efficient manner. It is because capital requirements are low and technical support requirements are lenient.

Reseller hosting is a great extension to your web development or web design business. Your loyal customers would love to buy unlimited reseller hosting services from you.


Tremendous benefits would compel any hosting manager to find the best reseller hosting UK. Feel free to share your queries about the subject with Grid Hosting. Not only will we clarify your concepts but also help you with market research.