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Managed VPS Hosting UK: Why is It More Safe than Unmanaged VPS?

Managed VPS Hosting UK: Is it Safer than Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

Managed VPS Hosting UK is one of the most searched phrases on Google. Why are so many people looking for it?

Data is the king in the modern age. Data protection should be a top priority of online business owners. Your business data must be safe and easily accessible. One of the safe options you should consider is to find the best VPS hosting UK.

This post from Grid Hosting will let you know how managed, and unmanaged VPS make your lives easier. Actually, this post is all about reasons why one should buy VPS hosting.

Managed VPS Hosting UK

However, be clear this is not a listicle post. We will not mention some of the best VPS hosting companies out there and draw any UK VPS comparison.

Virtual Private Server: What is It?

The process of server virtualization makes up this. A single physical machine hosts multiple virtual servers, and every single server is isolated from all others. VPS strategy inherits features from both dedicated server (offering private resources) and shared server (with multiple users), and offers the best of both worlds.

Look for cheap VPS hosting UK to enjoy more stability than shared hosting and a better cost-optimization than dedicated hosting. The best three things you get are privacy, isolation, and independence.

There are two types of VPS:

Managed VPS:

Updating, running, configuring, and maintaining your VPS is the headache of the provider.  However, some factors may differ from host to host. It is an excellent option if your team is not comfortable running a Linux server. Although that does not mean that Windows VPS UK will be your responsibility in any case. Reach out to your managed service provider to get a clear statement about what they offer and what they don’t offer. You should know if they are offering Linux or Windows VPS hosting?

Almost all of the managed VPS  hosting providers offer a managed cPanel VPS. Hence, you should know how much access you have to it.

Unmanaged VPS:

In this case, the hosting provider offers too little support. You must manage the server administration, maintenance, configuration. However, it comes with its advantages as well. It is a more affordable option, and it does allow for a certain autonomy over your actions.

Let’s discuss the pros of managed VPS hosting UK in detail.

Why Should One Opt For Managed VPS Hosting?

1. Continuous Support

With the managed VPS hosting UK, you get a better support team which is imperative for the security and privacy of your data. Moreover, the experienced hosting experts handle threats and attacks better and identify new and serious security breaches at times.

2. Regular Patches & Updates

Your servers are constantly updated with the latest patches. Hence your system is safe from hackers. Whenever attacks try to exploit the system, it takes action. The updates are issued to patch them and prevent any further damages.

3. DDoS Protection & Cloudflare

Some managed VPS hosting UK providers offer Cloudflare features to prevent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) attacks. DDoS protection must make sure that the servers are up and running all the time.

4. AntiVirus & Other Protections

It eradicates viruses by running different malware scans, email virus filters, and vulnerability scans. This way you get real-time updates and security intelligence.

5. Hardware Upgrades

This is the primary pro of any VPS hosting. There always is a fair probability of your data getting at stake because hardware drive RAID fails. With managed VPS hosting, a dedicated team is always there to monitor these hardware risks all the time. It updates things whenever necessary. If you request more RAM added or ask for a bigger hard drive, the support team will make the changes.

6. The Backups

Another critical point to consider about data security is a regular backup. Managed VPS servers offer you backup software solutions so you can take daily backups of your files in case of any breakdown or failure.

They store it on the cloud so that data is safe even if the server crashes. Restore the data to the latest backed up state quickly and with minimal data loss.

Is Unmanaged VPS Less Reliable Than The Managed VPS Hosting UK?

Some wise choices can help you protect your data even if you are using unmanaged VPS. If you are using unmanaged VPS, search VPS hosting with cPanel and WHM.

Here are some things you should consider if you deal with private data or sensitive information.

1. Audits

You should know about what runs on your system. That makes Audits the foremost priority, as they expose the system vulnerabilities. Two example tools are Linux Security Auditing Tool, Bastille and Logwatch.

2. Firewall Configuration:

While setting up a new Linux VPS, this should be your first and foremost step. There are two reasons for installing a firewall. First, you must filter out unwanted traffic to your VPS server, and second, you must prevent or fight DDoS attacks. Two of the popular firewalls are Advanced Policy Firewall (APF) and Config Server Firewall (CSF).

3. Check Vulnerabilities & Close Them

Read the list of services and applications running on your server. Are you sure your VPS function needs each and every one? If yes, then ask if they should be open to the world?

The server becomes vulnerable if the number of unnecessary applications increases. Also, check all of your open network ports, as cybercriminals target them to exploit the system.

4. Update & Backup

These two things are the backbones of security strategy. Do not forget to update your servers regularly. The new versions of operating systems offer patches for vulnerabilities in the older versions which make the system more secure.

5. Passwords

Weak passwords impose serious security threats. Empty or simple passwords for user accounts can wreak havoc. They have to be strong. Moreover, you must update your passwords frequently.

Finally, the user accounts must be set to “lock” after multiple failed attempts. This is to guard against brute force attacks.

Putting It All Together

You may pick unmanaged VPS or Managed VPS Hosting UK for your business. Whatever you select, put your best efforts into finding the right choice that fits your business processes.

At Grid Shop, we provide exceptional Managed VPS Hosting UK services. So feel free to drop your message now and discuss your requirements.