All you need to know about fast host webmail


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A detailed guide on fast host webmail


Fast host webmail is considered as one of the most useful features in cPanel. As compared to delivering emails from the server to your desktop application, Webmail simply enables users to check their messages from the web browser. Currently, you have a choice to select from the three best webmail applications. Each platform comes with a lot of subtle differences, but all have the same power and influence to deliver emails securely on the web. To solve the complexities regarding fast host webmail solutions, Grid hosting provides a detailed guide so you can overcome the difficulties in a more efficient manner.

Fast Host Webmail
Fast Host Webmail

Fast host webmail- 3 common applications

By default, cPanel usually comes with three most common webmail applications, Horde, Roundcube, SquirrelMail.

Let’s understand the differences between these three:

  • Horde:

The Horde is considered as an open-source development forum which is responsible to create numerous amazing applications as well as different software systems. The project is managed by the core team of Horde, they develop tools with PHP which provides excellence and remarkability from small to large scale businesses. They have developed multiple enterprise tools which enabled them to build, not only some most popular Webmail application, but also create a full suite of useful widgets that are efficient enough to do everything from managing notes, addresses and calendars to random filtering, message reporting or flagging, and an amazing functionality that comes with countless Webmail platforms.

  • RoundCube:

RoundCube is one of the leading open-source Webmail applications in the world. The application is frequently used by billions of users. Their amazing upcoming product evolution is guaranteed to provide more uses and grab much more user attention from around the globe. While the product is not equipped with plenty of features and benefits like Horde, however, RoundCube is still appreciated a lot for its user-friendly, and eye-catching drag-and-drop interface. It’s fully-featured with the great ability to organize, flag and search your emails, it provides help to manage your mailbox simply and quickly.

  • SquirrelMail:

SquirrelMail has comparatively fewer features and benefits than the other two webmail applications. Yet it includes a detailed address book feature, offers text-only composition as well as provides efficient options in their easy & effective, email interface.

Fast host webmail- overview:

Webmail is a free system used by common individuals and business owners to access their emails over the web.  You can find a lot of basic editor programs that allow you to check, read and send emails on the internet.  Although all such tools and applications are not as difficult as state Outlook, it’s a simple option that provides you a reliable method to access emails from everywhere.

How to use webmail?

Today, with the help of Grid hosting professionals, we are here to explain how to use Webmail. You may find a lot of useful procedures to use webmail, here is an overview of the basic one.  For using webmail in the cPanel dash, you need to scroll down and choose the “Mail Accounts” tool.  While creating a new email account you must have gone through this before.  The mail accounts tool will locate the email account you need to open.  Then find the “More” button on the right and select “Accessibility Webmail.”  

Speed, Performance And Responsiveness
Speed, Performance And Responsiveness

New additions to webmail:

Here are the three most reliable additions introduced in webmail that I think you’ll love:

  • Refreshed look:

If you have recently checked the updated version of webmail, then its overall feel and look must be the first thing you have noticed. Aside from checking from its noticeable and sleeker interface, you may find that things look more organized and stable than before. You can find some simple, easy-to-navigate tabs and would have an efficient readable interface. The address book has also got a great makeover that features a new three-panel layout. You will also find a usage bar that can help you show how much storage space you have been using.

  • Increased browser support:

With great additional support for both Chrome and Safari 4, you can easily use your favorite browser without even compromising an efficient mail experience. Both of these browsers have been supported in Standard and Basic interfaces. If you have been experiencing some kinds of issues or difficulties with the webmail, make sure you have got the advanced version of your preferred web browser.

  • Speed, performance, and responsiveness:

Speed and enhanced performance are most important for every user. The updated version of webmail has a lot of significant email-wide improvements and increased response time by decreasing the overall size of Javascript modules of your web app.

If you want to use the updated version of WebHost mail login, find the ‘Preview’ option while logging in to your account. You would still have an option to switch back to the older version of the webmail you have been using previously.

If you’ve been using the latest version already, you must know how helpful these new features are.

Features of webmail:

  • Mailbox: This is the most significant feature that can help you add the mail account and mailboxes. Your mailbox is responsible for storing emails on the server until you are downloading it by using your email client.  
  • Email Distribution Lists: Mail distribution lists would allow users to have a form on your site which would be used by the users to either subscribe or unsubscribe your emails.
  • Email autoresponders: this feature allows you to automatically respond to the message.
  • Junkmail filters: this feature uses a special technique to strip out crap. The emails supposed to reach in the ‘junk’ folder would never harm the mailbox and all the junk emails will be filtered automatically.
  • Webmail characteristics: you can have a lot of amazing webmail characteristics, the system will include your address or contact book, search features and others- which would be customizable

There are still lots of features and benefits to using fast host webmail that can give a unique experience while managing the mailbox. If you want to know more about the webmail solutions, consult with Grid hosting professionals for detailed guidance and technical support.