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Why Should You Opt For Cheap Server Colocation Hosting?


How to Get Cheap Server Colocation? Ultimate Guide

With the advent of the internet in the ’80s, it has acted as a platform that connected billions of people throughout the world online. People surf the internet for information, entertainment, and also serves as a way to connect to other people around the globe virtually. With so many people present in a virtual space, there is also an opportunity for companies to scale their business online to such heights that they could have ever imagine.

Grid Hosting provides one of the best and cheap server colocation services in the market to meet all your hosting server needs. Before we can get to their reliable services and packages, let us first have a look at, what server colocation really is?

Nowadays, people are buying things on the internet more than they have ever been, and for this reason, businesses need their own IT-based hardware, mainly servers which can manage their online presence. This hardware could be a single server sitting in the corner of the room in a cabinet, or it can be an entire standard room dedicated to multiple towers of servers that needs to monitor and managed by a team of professionals.

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Full Rack Colocation

Regardless, housing your own IT-Hardware needs a proper infrastructure that most companies and businesses don’t have the resources to provide, and other than that it is a constant hassle that only adds to the other fundamental problems that a company might be facing. This being the primary reason why server colocation is in the market to provide solutions.

Cheap server colocation, its advantages, and types

As mentioned above, server colocation requires an entire infrastructure of resources and management that many organizations and businesses don’t have, especially if you look at different small firms and organizations.

These resources can be:

  • optimal environmental conditions
  • fire management systems
  • power distribution
  • back generators
  • physical and virtual security
  • networking framework
  • storage compartments, etc.

This infrastructure is not easily manageable, especially if a company decides to house its IT-based infrastructure within their own organization’s premises.

Server colo provides just the solution to this problem. It is essentially a service that allows companies to house their IT-Hardware in a specially designed data centre facility that provides all the resources to manage the IT-infrastructure to keep your server hardware working at its best.

The data centres will provide the proper infrastructure to house your servers. This infrastructure includes uninterrupted power distribution, adequate air conditioning, physical and virtual security solutions, a networking framework, a team of highly trained individuals, and support to manage any unforeseen events such as power outages.

They’ll be responsible for providing a guaranteed 100% uptime for your servers. You will be required to move your hardware to the data centre facility physically. They’ll work closely with your teams to incorporate any changes to your system. Colocation server hosting is gaining popularity among every company and business that has an online presence.

Server colocation has many advantages over managing and housing your IT-hardware, and perhaps the most significant advantage is that it is the most cost-effective solution to accommodating your hardware at your own organization’s premises. The reason is that these data centres are housing other companies’ hardware in their data centres as well. So the overall cost of housing and managing the hardware gets divided between different organizations. This way, it saves you, and the data centre a lot of resources and price, which makes it a win-win solution for everyone.

However, you need not worry about these data centre facilities’ infrastructure as they take full responsibility to provide the required resources. These include adequate power distribution, networking bandwidth, physical security, and a highly trained team of professionals to manage your IT hardware.

These data centres also support dealing with any unforeseen events such as power backup system, server backup to an off-site facility, fire management, and environmental controls, a team of highly trained individuals in their departments, and security protocols to manage any intrusions or human error, etc.

Reliability is another factor that outclasses the job of housing your organization’s hardware in your organization; in your organization, there are any unfortunate events as these data centre facilities are designed to deal with any disaster that might transpire.

However, a downside is that you have to manually drive to the data centre facilities if you want to make physical changes to your hardware, which is why people search with the queries such as: “server colocation near me.

There are different types of colocation services that each company provides:

  • Single server colocation

As the name suggests, the single server colocation is a server storage service dedicated and designed to accommodate single servers. This type of colocation service is the most common and popular among small businesses and companies. Different data centres provide single server colocation based on the server’s need; these are 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, and 5U.

  • Quarter Rack colocation

Besides the single server colocation, this service allows the customers to house their hardware in specially designed cabinets for additional security. These cabinets are accessible only to you and the data centre teams.

  • Half Rack Colocation

A level above the quarter rack is the half rack colocation, which allows double the server storage space than its predecessor with additional security locks accessible only by you.

  • Full Rack colocation

This type of colocation has the most flexible server rack enclosures that can be adjusted to your needs. This server colocation is the most secure and most common among big organizations and companies.

  • Private suites

If you want additional physical security to your tower server colocation, then the private suites, as the name suggests, allocates a secured private space in the data centre. This server colocation is specially designed for sensitive data that can not go into unauthorized hands.

Why choose our cheap server colocation?

At Grid Hosting, we provide one of the best and the most cheap data centre hosting throughout the UK. Our 1U colocation plans start from € 21.60 per month for the 1st year. Our 5U colocation plans start from € 86.38 per month for the 1st year making these plans among the best budget colocation facilities, especially if you look at other colocation pricing UK services in the market. Our cheap server colocation has made us a reputable brand among an ever-growing audience thanks to our efficient and reliable services and our server colocation pricing.