Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services In Uk 2022

Best Minecraft server hosting services in UK 2022


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Five Best Minecraft Hosting Services To Check in 2022

Minecraft is more than just a video game. It is an iconic game equally gorgeous for anyone who has been intrigued by that creepy girl’s expression or the person who has invested in their own Minecraft server. The captivating user experience appeals to the younger generation and compels adults to join a dedicated server for a better multiplayer experience. 

The minimalist, sleek, and elegant graphics join the basic gameplay to allow an infinite level of innovation. The game becomes more enjoyable when played with friends since there are countless possibilities to engage with each other. Minecraft is the game that lets your imagination run wild and invent new horizons. 

What is a Minecraft Server?

It is a private network that any player can create for a multiplayer experience, allowing other people to join and play together. A Minecraft server can have IP and username restrictions to control the players who can access it, as well as commands and settings that include enabling PvP, limiting the number of players, etc. 

Five Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services

With more than 200 million copies and counting, there is no surprise that many people are looking for the best Minecraft server hosting services.

So let’s take a look at some of the Best Minecraft server hosting services in UK 2022.

  • Hostinger

Several reasons make Hostinger the top pick. The most prominent reasons are instant setup, great support, and easy server management. In addition, the maximum number of players is 70. 

At the same time, they are experts at providing web hosting solutions and specialize in Minecraft server hosting services. The plans they offer are tailor-made to optimize Minecraft’s performance to the core.   

For as low as $8.9 per month, now set up Minecraft VPS in seconds. Each plan guarantees 99.9% uptime. Other remarkable features like dual CPUs, DDoS protection, full-time support, free MySQL, and 2GB to 8GB memory for Minecraft hosting also come with every plan. Hostinger also ensures the privacy and security of your data.

Instant setup prepares everything just ready to use quickly. You are good to go right after registration and payment. Backing up your files is also a matter of one click. Moreover, you can install modpacks and plugins easily through the control panel. The support team answers the queries in a polite, professional, and timely manner. 

Hostinger offers Minecraft hosting servers in five locations. They are the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore and Lithuania.

  • Apex Hosting

Apex guarantees high-quality and lag-free performance. With 12 players allowed, three prominent pros are automated backups, high-level control, and many server choices. 

Would it excite you to know that installing and playing your modpack of choice with just one click is possible? Yes, APEX has made the dream materialize. They have made Minecraft hosting a super fun, from plugins to mods to even mini-games and maps.  

There is a wide variety of 16 server locations: the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Poland, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, Australia, China, and Singapore. This diverse range contributes to keeping latency at a super-low level. 

But that is not the only diversity that Apex fans fall in love with. They also adore the complete server control they enjoy in conjunction with world-class support. Also, they get addicted to fast connections and tons of server options. 

Automated backups make Apex the top choice when analyzing Minecraft hosting providers in security terms.  Another contributing factor of Apex’s good reputation is lag-free user experience, which also is good from a security angle. Finally, you get the fully protected servers that provide a simple and easy-to-navigate control panel for users.

  • Grid Hosting

Grid Hosting provides you with literally everything you need to run a Minecraft hosting server smoothly. Do everything with a few clicks while enjoying amazing discounts. Three of the most prominent features are Dedicated IP support, Custom JAR support, and access to full FTP. 

Have you just purchased the best Minecraft server plugins that need a MySQL database? Grid Hosting provides Free MySQL with all packages. 

Worldwide data centres ensure every customer gets to enjoy 99.9% uptime. The secret of unbreakable security is sophisticated algorithms for DDoS protection to secure your valuable data. That is why Grid Hosting has successfully built a loyal customer base over the years. In addition, automated backups further strengthen your system. 

Dedicated Minecraft servers provide complete FTP access so you can install your Minecraft world. In addition, you can add or uninstall each plan with a pre-installed Minecraft modpack server at any time. Then, with maximum root control and without limitations, add your mods. If you want to add a personalized server form or other mod of your own, that is also possible. 

An intuitive and feature-rich control panel makes your life easy and lets you view the server files. 

  • Shockbyte

Here is an excellent Minecraft hosting server with an established reputation. The three most prominent features of Shockbyte are a 100% uptime guarantee, robust high-end plans, and a specialist game server provider.  

Since they specialize in in-game server support, Minecraft is not the only game they cater to. They host other game servers for titles like Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, Arma 3 and Hytale. With 24/7 customer support across three continents, they offer server rentals for as low as $9.99.

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However, the scope of our article is Minecraft, so let’s talk about their Minecraft hosting plan. It comes with a free sub-domain, an automated system to ensure instant setup, 100% DDoS protection, and 100% uptime. Starting at $2.5, they offer from 1 to 16 GB of RAM. 

Providing powerful hardware and up-to-date Java Edition and Bedrock Edition support in all Minecraft server versions has helped Shockbyte build a strong reputation among Minecraft lovers. It supports all versions such as Spigot, CraftBukkit, Forge, Sponge, BungeeCord, Vanilla and Snapshots. 

Spartan plan, Zeus plan, and Titan plan are the highest subscription tiers. However, the performance is no less potent than what the names depict. They come with 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB of RAM with unlimited slots. Hence the user enjoys a smooth multiplayer gaming experience.  

  • Scala Cube

Scala Cube is the best choice when you are on a budget. Three prominent features are fantastic value for money, plenty of severe locations, and ease of use.  

Pay as low as $2.50 for the first month and $5 from then on. It gets you 786 MB of RAM and allows up to 10 players. Enjoy one-click installation for whatever modpack you may opt for. 

The feature of Scala Cube that makes players go crazy is they can create their own Minecraft launcher using custom forge servers. Configuration of your server settings hardly requires a few clicks. 

A user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate further allures the admins. Its stability and excellent support team ensure lag-free service. 

Putting It All Together

Keep in mind your requirements and analyze different providers based on hardware, pricing, configuration, support, and maintenance. Feel free to reach out to the Grid Hosting team for further queries about the subject.