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Best Linux Server Distributions Or Distros of 2022

 is a powerful and renowned open-source operating system. Today, more and more people choose Linux because of its security and flexibility. The high number of Linux distributions shows its immense popularity. Also, many people prefer Linux hosting servers over windows hosting servers due to security reasons. 

What exactly are Linux distributions? Well, they are nothing but operating systems based on the Linux kernel. Nowadays, we have Linux distributions for every type of end-user. For example, there is a different Linux distro for advanced computing machines and another for an old machine. Moreover, there are different distros for professionals, programmers, end-to-end users, and businesses. 

To thrive in a competitive market, Linux distribution producers strive to enhance the user experience as much as possible. So if you are considering getting one for yourself, read this article to know about the Linux distros that experts think will dominate the market in 2022. 

Best Linux Distributions of 2022

Ubuntu Ubuntu

Reason of Fame: Easy Interface

An attractive and user-friendly interface makes Ubuntu one of the most common Linux distributions. You can use it on PCs,  tablets, and computers. Moreover, the operating system serves as a base for many other distros, for example, Kubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint (we just talked about), and Lubuntu 20.04 LTS. In addition, Ubuntu supports the GNOME desktop environment. 

The GUI software makes it easy for beginners to install many free software with a few clicks. Moreover, Ubuntu releases updated versions every six months with bug and security fixes. 

Also, Ubuntu is renowned for cloud computing. With long-term support from an international community of developers, Ubuntu is ideal for professionals, daily users, and programmers.

LinuxMint Linux Mint

Reason of Fame: Low Hardware Requirements

Linux Mint is a tremendously popular and powerful Linux distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu. It’s an entirely community-driven distribution. It is ideal for laptops and computers because of low hardware requirements. Fans just can’t love LinuxMint’s Cinnamon (Windows-like interface) Desktop more. 

You may feel some similarities with Ubuntu, which is the following Linux distribution we will talk about. Both Linux and Ubuntu have large communities of fans. 

Linux declared Linux Mint as the best distribution in 2012. Its first beta version, Ada, was released in 2006. The contemporary version ‘Ulyssa’ was released in January 2021. In addition, all default software like LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, HexChat, Pidgin, and Transmission are available. 

LPop!_ OS  Pop Os

Reason of Fame: Gaming

The next entry on our list is Pop!_OS. Since it is the product of computer hardware vendor System76, Pop!_OS is the default operating system on different devices such as laptops and computers of System 76. However, you can also download and install it on other laptops and computers. 

Like LinuxMint, Pop!_OS is also based on Ubuntu LTS. But a unique user interface that is easy to use clearly differentiates it from Ubuntu. In addition, it is one of the most feature-rich and modern looking operating systems.

Providing the necessary tools for gaming makes it an ideal distro for gamers. Elevate your gaming experience to the next level with a hybrid graphics card that works seamlessly on this distro. 

Get ample space to install your favourite apps because Pop!_OS comes with minimum apps. Like Ubuntu provides you with the software centre, here you have a Pop!_Shop to download and install apps from.

Debian Debian
Reason of Fame: Developer-Friendly

Debian is one of the oldest Linux distributions. The first version of Debian was launched back in 1993. Also, it provides bases for many other distributions such as PureOS, SteamOS, and Ubuntu. 

Debian is renowned among developers and system admins. Thanks to Debian’s long-term support and high levels of stability. Moreover, the majority of Debian’s packages are stable and adequately tested. One of many awards Debian has is The best Linux distro of 2011. It is a  secure and user-friendly Linux distro, perfect for server distribution.   

  MX Linux Mxflux Red

Reason of Fame: Great Graphical Tools

Developed by the cooperation between two communities, AntiX and MX Linux, it is one of the Linux distros that dominated the market in 2021. The Debian base makes it compatible with hundreds of programs. Enjoy efficient desktops with robust performance and impressive stability. 

Excellent graphic tools allow you to perform several tasks efficiently. For instance, there are inherited live USB and snapshot tools of AntiX. Moreover, they provide you with great portability and remastering capabilities. In addition, many videos, extensive documentation, and a friendly forum provide sufficient support.

MX Linux provides three desktop variations: Xfce, KDE, and Fluxbox. No doubt, it is one of the ideal choices for newcomers and experienced people.   

 Manjaro Manjaro

Reason of Fame: Many Pre-Installed Applications

The sixth entry is the renowned Manjaro Linux distro that you may find in every list of the best Linux distros. The basis of Manjaro is Arch Linux. It is available in many desktop flavours. Unfortunately, Arch Linux is not very beginner-friendly. However, Manjaro suffices for it by providing many pre-installed programs. 

It is not easy to strike a healthy balance between simple usability and high individual adaptability. However, users can perform tasks easily with a graphical application installer that offers many packages via AUR, SNAP, and Flatpak repositories.

 EndeavourOS Endeavouros

Reason of Fame: Attractive Interface

EndeavourOS has achieved considerable fame. Like Manjaro, it is also Arch-based Linux. EndeavorOS also offers the operating system with many desktop environments, for instance, Budgie, Cinnamon, GNOME, i3, KDE Plasma, LXQt, MATE, and Xfce. A lot of consumers just adore the beautiful interface of EndeavourOS.  

 Frdora Fedora

Reason of Fame: User-Friendly & Intuitive

Fedora Linux distribution was developed as part of the Fedora Project, whose sponsor was Red Hat. Fedora is known for its most user-friendly distros. While GNOME is the default desktop environment, GNOME Shell is the default user interface. Also, other desktop environments are available. Many of the software are pre-installed in Fedora, and you can install more from the DNF package manager. 

The Last Words

Due to the unbreakable security and remarkable flexibility of Linux and its distros, web hosts that use Linux as an operating system have a distinct competitive advantage over those that use Windows. 

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