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How to Find the Best Linux Hosting? A Comprehensive Guide to the Journey

How to Find the Best Linux Hosting? A Step-by-step Guide to the Journey

Which is the Best Linux Hosting in the market? The question is quite hard to answer because of two things:

  1. Too Many Linux Hosting Providers
  2. Lack of knowledge about the characteristics of the best Linux server hosting

The majority of the people who create a website use Linux web servers. It does not mean that there is no other option. However, the number of people struggling to find one is huge. Writing a blog post on the subject would be a good idea, and here is the comprehensive one from Grid Hosting.

Best Linux Hosting

What is Linux?

This most famous operating system out there is a versatile and excellent free substitute to Windows. Several shared hosting providers and even Google use Linux.

Finding Best Linux Hosting: Is the struggle worth it?

Here are a few reasons why one should go for a Linux web hosting server.

  1. It is safer than windows.
  2. You may use industry-standard web hosting software. Use Linux hosting with cPanel, and moving hosts becomes effortless
  3. It helps you cut down the costs. However, it does not imply that every cheap Linux hosting is reliable.
  4. You are free to choose from multiple distributions of Linux.

Why do Hosts Prefer Linux?

  1. Linux is usually free and unimaginably powerful.
  2. Linux is straightforward to scale.
  3. A large community supports Linux.
  4. You can use Linux on old servers.
  5. The host can customize Linux.
  6. It is possible to hide cPanel from customers.

Apart from that, many companies have invested in Linux. They have to make Linux administration desirable for developers and technicians.

How to Find The Best Linux Hosting

The market is a puzzle for novices. So educate yourself before buying the first Linux hosting UK that Google shows you. The post intends to make the task less complicated. As a result, finding the best Linux hosting should be easy for you.

The Hosting Features

When choosing the best Linux web host, consider what else they offer with their hosting packages. In addition, you must know about things such as:

  • Bandwidth and disk space options
  • Control panels
  • Email features
  • e-commerce functionality

Guarantee of Uptime

The uptime guarantee of Linux hosting companies should be somewhere between 99.99% and 99.98%. It would be a strong indication of reliable servers. However, it is always better to cross-check things. Customer reviews can be beneficial. Some hosting providers will even reimburse you with a month of free hosting if you experience unbearable downtime.

User-friendly Control Panel

Most users of Linux shared hosting plans are beginners in the hosting world. Therefore, it is crucial to have a self-intuitive control panel. These plans often come with a customized version of the control panel.

Users can select tools, manage their websites, view statistics and access their email accounts. Many hosting providers will even provide unlimited email accounts with their shared hosting plans.

Domain Registration

You need a registered domain before you launch your website. Several companies offer domains in any way possible. Most of the plans provide a domain, and if you opt for the one that does not, the hosting company will give you the option to purchase one separately.

However, some organizations do not offer a domain. Moreover, buying a domain from elsewhere and pointing it to your host is strenuous, sometimes. Therefore, it is practical to choose the hosting company that provides domain names.

Sometimes you may have to pick a hosting provider that does not provide a domain name. The best solution, in that case, is GoDaddy.

Hosting Project That Suits You

Best Linux hosting can be different for you and me. Our requirements and individual business scenarios will, of course, not be the same. There could be two main differences.


A great security system makes Linux a good option for eCommerce websites. Moreover, Linux comes with an excellent cheap hosting panel, so first-time business users instantly feel drawn to it. Thus, Linux is best for businesses.


There are high chances that you are starting a blog or just using a CMS. That raises the need for a web host that provides a MySQL database. It will store images, posts, and comments. You may like to go for Linux hosting with cPanel WordPress.

Unlimited Resources

Most shared hosting plans come with unlimited resources, if only in the highest-tier program. There are acceptable reasons for that. For example, small businesses sometimes experience sudden surges in website traffic. That is where unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space turn out to be handy.

Unlimited plans will adjust shared server resources so your website can handle sudden traffic surges. That is way better than being cut-off or charged more when you use excessive bandwidth.

The scenario of larger businesses is usually different. Their websites are complex and need a web host that provides a MySQL database.

Your company will ask you to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server plan in most cases.

Linux on Dedicated Server/VPS

Individuals and small businesses on shared hosting are not the only target audience of Linux web hosting. Finding Linux for dedicated server plans and VPS plans is also possible. They are suitable for larger businesses and people who long for more control over their hosting environment.

However, they are more expensive than shared Linux hosting. The allocated bandwidth and disk space reserved just for your use increase the cost. They provide faster and smoother hosting for larger projects.

Putting It All Together

Hopefully, finding the best Linux hosting looks like an easy job now. The process is simple. You may divide it into three steps:

  • Inspect the hosting features
  • Decide what type of server you want (shared/dedicated/VPS)
  • Determine your requirements

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