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Advantages of Best Email and Web Hosting for Small Business UK

Top Pros of Best Email and Web Hosting for Small Business UK

Which is the best Email and web hosting for small business uk? Perhaps, there is no definite answer.

Choosing a web and email hosting provider is one of the difficult decisions when you launch your online business. The reason is that there are dozens of providers in the market.

However, the scope of this article from Grid Hosting is not to teach you how to select the best one.

Some businesses prefer the same host for both website and Email, while others like different hosting providers for each. Both of them are right as per their requirements. Therefore, there is no definitive answer.

best Email and web hosting for small business uk

This post is all about the pros and cons of using the same server to host web and email. We will elaborate on why you should invest time finding the best Email and web hosting for small business uk.

Difference Between Web Hosting and Email hosting

We have discussed that there are hundreds of providers offering combined plans. That leads to fundamental differences becoming hard to assimilate. However, here is a quick summary of both services.

Email Hosting

A service that allows a business, organization, or individual to post their website online and make it available on the Internet, is called an email hosting service.

It is the responsibility of a web host to allocate a business space to store your files on the web server, so your website is active and accessible online.

Web Hosting

Business web hosting will rent out email servers to you. They allow businesses to use their domain name in their email and have their incoming and outgoing emails managed by a dedicated mail server.

Do We Need Both?

Both web and email services are capable of running independently. Your professional Email hosting UK has not to be interlinked with your website hosting provider.

Email hosting may not be a crucial element of your website. However, it has to be an essential ingredient of your business. You can link it to your domain name, no matter if the same provider hosts your website or someone else does.

For your websites, you will definitely find the best web hosting UK 2021.

Best Email and Web Hosting for Small Business UK- Why Use Same Hosting for Both Aspects

Being one of the most critical tools for small businesses, email has an immense potential to influence you. It can make a difference to your success, sales, and customer satisfaction. There is a reason why Cheap email hosting is a common search query on Google.

Many big and small businesses prefer an email host to optimize their business emails only, while some use the same website and email host. We refer to the latter as bundled hosting.

Using the same solution for both web and email hosting is common in the market. Yet it is not the only option. Businesses use hostings that align with their business use cases. It all boils down to individual business requirements.

If you are using WordPress, then you will be looking for the best web hosting uk for wordpress.

Best cheap web hosting UK could be your pick if cost is the sole criteria.


  • Setup is straightforward.
  • It is budget-friendly. Web hosts provide email as part of the web hosting plan, so you enjoy both services at a cheaper rate. Using separate servers will take a toll on the budget.
  • You can host many emails. Some companies allow you to host several small email accounts for one fixed price as a part of their web and email bundle.
  • Many small businesses find it the best option. They have less workforce and insufficient finances to pay two providers. If domain is your priority you may prefer the best domain and email hosting for small business.


  • It takes a lot of website space. The same account stores all your inbound and outbound emails and any attachments from your correspondence. This data eats up a major portion of bandwidth going towards your website.
  • The website totally shuts down if the server crashes. It means you are vulnerable to total blackout. Clients cannot contact you, and that could lead to severe financial losses.
  • It is not suitable for big enterprises. Bigger businesses need more database support as well as higher server configuration.
  • It requires lengthy email migration to change web providers. If you want to move your website to a different server, the process is much more complex.
  • Website migration is comparatively easy, but email migration could turn out to be strenuous, especially for those who are not conversant.

Why Businesses Prefer The Best Email and Web Hosting for Small Business UK

The majority of businesses still prefer the same hosts for both services because they are not fully conversant with the world of hosting. Moreover, they want to access their data from one place. Another contributing factor is the insufficient budget. They prioritize cheap unlimited hosting for both email and web.

There were times when using two different services required IT staff and extra staffing to run in-house mail servers. Smaller businesses did not have ample resources.

Running an email account through a separate host is always more costly than a shared hosting bundle deal. Consequently, many new and small businesses still use shared hosting in their start-up days.

Putting It All Together

Things become much more convenient when you use the same website and email host. Partnering with the best email and web hosting for small business UK, organizations can cut down costs. Hosting companies also provide attractive bargain bundle deals. Technical aspects of things also are not your problem.

Do you need a high-tech email service and have the budget that it needs? If the answer is yes, then use different services for web and email.

We hope that this post from Grid Hosting helped you understand the benefits of using the same host for web and email. If you find any concepts difficult to understand, feel free to share them with us.