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Best Cloud Hosting for Small Business: Three Best Hosting Providers

Best Cloud Hosting for Small Business: Advantages & Three Important Picks

Does everyone seem to be interested in the best cloud hosting for small business in hosting circles? Are they really worth it?

Cloud hosting has changed the hosting industry for the better. Clients enjoy increased reliability and resilience. Particularly, small businesses are inclining towards cheap cloud hosting more and more.

best cloud hosting for small business

This post from Grid Hosting is a must-read if you are interested in two things. Number one, what makes a cloud-based server for a small business a good idea.   Second, which is the best cloud hosting for small business?

Why It is Worth Time & Effort to Find Best Cloud Hosting for Small Business?

Why is cloud hosting an excellent option for small businesses? Precisely, the advantages are reduced infrastructure costs, increased uptime, and reduced amount of time spent managing servers.

Let’s discuss two significant reasons. Hereafter, we will discuss the best cloud hosting providers.

1. Less Infrastructure Costs

Every small business owner understands the importance of cost management and delivering a reliable product or service. With cloud servers, businesses can meet this goal. Thanks to their excellent scaling capabilities.

For example, let’s say, you start with 1GB of RAM. Without any hassle, you can upgrade to up to 128GB of RAM whenever you feel like it. There will be no hassle of switching hardware or experiencing lengthy downtime. Also, small businesses can deploy servers without expensive up-front hardware costs.

2. Better Uptime

With Cloud hosting, small businesses can increase the uptime and performance of their websites with Cloud hosting. Website speed and performance are crucial factors for small businesses.

All cloud instances are set up on redundant hardware. Consequently, a single failure on networking, CPU, memory or disk space automatically moves your website to a better and healthy server. Hence, it manages to avoid downtime without your intervention.

Cloud hosting providers set up their servers in safe data centres to ensure 24×7 monitoring for any physical intrusion or environmental threats.

What Differentiates It from Usual Web Hosting Packages?

If you sign up on a simple web hosting package, and you get a defined block of resources on a single server. Then, you register your domain name, select this much web space, that much bandwidth, and a set amount of RAM or CPU cores.

Having fixed resources becomes problematic for larger projects, sometimes. For instance, there’s no way to temporarily allocate extra RAM or bandwidth if a sudden traffic surge occurs. Even a simple plan upgrade might require taking down your website for a while.

As stated earlier, resources are spread across multiple devices instead of just one in cloud hosting. This is what makes Cloud amazingly scalable. Changing your plan later is very easy with cloud hosting.

Getting Started: How to setup cloud server for small business

Getting started with the best cloud computing experience is a two-step process. Just create your account, and start deploying servers. Nothing more, nothing less.

Best Cloud Hosting for Small Business: Top Three Picks

Rather than dwelling on strict cloud hosting price comparison, we would discuss the benefits of every hosting.

1. Cloudways

The company offers managed cloud hosting UK, and you can pick any top provider to empower it from Amazon, Google, DigitalOcean, and Linode. Cloudways is like a middleman between enterprise-level cloud hosting providers like Microsoft and IBM and simple, user-friendly products like The Email Shop or Hostinger.

It is packed with features yet is configured from a simple web console that is intuitive. Cloudways covers all your core performance needs, for example, one-click cloning, backup and restore, integrated Git and team collaboration tools for developers. Moreover, there are almost 25 data centres around the world.

The basic plan of Cloudways provides you one core, 1GB RAM, 25GB storage and 1TB of bandwidth for £ 7.15.

2. The Email Shop

The Email Shop is the leading provider of cloud hosting. The company provides cloud hosting for both web hosting and server hosting. Business-friendly cloud servers capable of full-proof security and impeccable technical support are the competitive edge of The Email Shop. They make it worthy of the title best cloud hosting for small business.

  • Cloud Server Hosting

Flourish your business or brand with self-intuitive and healing cloud servers. They are fully customizable and allow you to integrate many other applications seamlessly.

The dedicated and shared firewalls ensure enhanced security that leads to outstanding spam detection and prevention. Moreover, the customized cloud solutions of The Email Shop are compatible with multiple content management systems.

The basic plan starts from 3.66 £. It offers 1 V CPU Cores, Intel Xeon with HT Technology Processor, 15 GB SSD Storage, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB Bandwidth.

  • Linux Cloud Web Hosting

Linux-powered servers for web hosting have relaxing price tags and a developer-friendly interface. The best pros are excellent support, 100% uptime, SSD disk drives, intuitive cloud manager, and high-quality processors.

Let your imagination run wild with a website builder, and make dynamic and captivating web pages that generate leads. Plesk Control Panel lets you manage your server or webspace’s technical aspects compactly.

There are nine pricing plans, all for an initial twelve months. You do not have to pay more than three euros per month to start with the same basic plan.

  • Windows Cloud Web Hosting

The Email Shop allows you to run your servers with Windows operating system. You can select one from numerous versions of windows cloud servers as per your need.

Leverage the eCommerce-friendly program to set up your eCommerce business with zero downtime guarantee and efficient scalability.

3. Grid Hosting

Grid Hosting provides a fully managed cloud server that shows the ultimate support and incredible flexibility. Choose your agile cloud infrastructure and decrease high costs while expanding on scalability and reliability.

Grid Hosting cloud hosting sets you free from the pains of managing IT infrastructure. With peace of mind, you can focus on your core business operations.

There is a particular emphasis on information security. To help your server meet the business needs securely and prevent intruders from checking your confidential data, they provide advanced protection and customization solutions. Grid Hosting is also an optimal private cloud hosting solution.

At a half discount, you can also find dedicated cloud servers for nothing more than five euros per month. Powerful Control Panel, full root admin access, and SSD storage drives are the pros you cannot ignore. It is the fastest cloud hosting in the market.

Putting It All Together

Everyone may have different opinions about the Best Cloud Hosting for Small business. We mentioned our top three picks. Now it is your turn to opt for the one after your due diligence and consideration of your needs.

Feel free to drop the message if you are interested in our cloud hosting services or need to understand some points from this write-up. The representative of Grid Hosting will get back to you in a short time.