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12 Signs You Need To Change Web Hosting

Web hosting is one of the most critical yet puzzling tasks when launching a website. Making the right web hosting choice is the one of the first steps towards success. However, monitoring the performance of the current web host is equally important if you have already purchased one.

This post will discuss thirteen signs that show you have to switch the web host.

Much More Downtime Than Unusual

Even seconds of downtime can lead to severe problems. Downtime destroys your brand reputation, showing you low quality to both users and search engines. Frequent outages will make your search engine rankings fall very quickly. More than 1% downtime is a sheer sign you should change web hosts.

Limited Bandwidth Allocation

Yes, most of the companies offer you unlimited bandwidth. However, any fair usage policy may limit your use. It decreases the productivity of your website and leaves adverse effects on your SEO, PAID and Social campaigns.

Read the hosting company’s policy carefully, so you know your bandwidth limit. Also, you should know about the additional charges of exceeding your monthly limit. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth with Grid Hosting’s amazing hosting packages. Visit :

Slow Loading Speed

The speed of a website is dependent on many factors. Some of them are unoptimized websites, increased traffic, and too many clients on one server. They make your website literally sluggish.

In case you are affected by the first two reasons, changing the hosting package is enough. But the third reason is a crystal clear indication of a bad web host.

High Renewal Price

Offering a low introductory price and charging high for account renewals is a common marketing tactic. But do you think the renewal cost is too high for the service you are using? If yes, probably it is time to switch.

The honest company lists out its renewal fee. Read terms and conditions properly before signing up with any web host. Otherwise, you may have to pay high renewal prices.

Insufficient Storage

The hosting provider allocates a specific amount of hard disk space on the server. The amount of space you need depends on the type of website you run.

It is usual for websites to start small and grow big. Your current host could be very suitable, but you will also need more databases with the passage of time.

If you think that the current host can not meet your storage needs or won’t be able to do so in future, changing to a web hosting provider is the best option.

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Expensive Upgrading Charges

It is essential to upgrade your hosting plan from one tier to another. But a good web host will never charge a lot for that. An ideal company always accommodates its customers and facilitates them in upgrading.

So if your web hosting company charges you higher for similar services with more space and bandwidth, it is a bad sign. It is time you should consider switching web hosts.

New Software Not Available

For the proper functioning of your website, it is imperative to have the latest and cutting-edge software. If your web hosting company does not provide you with the newest update on software, you should replace them for better. They are not helping you run your business effectively.

Poor Server Security

When it comes to security, all providers are not diligent. As a result, hackers can break into your system and access your website. Any malicious attack can destroy your files and data.

The safety of user data is paramount when you have an eCommerce website. Compromised user data may contain sensitive information like credit card details and private records. Therefore, you need a quick switch if your provider is not appropriate from a security point of view.

Untrained Technical Staff & Poor Customer Support

Do you have to explain every single issue to your technical staff, yet they struggle to understand? The inexperienced technical support is a big no. The quality of a web host is all about the service they provide to their customers.

It is also an indication if they understand the problem but cannot resolve it in less time. Therefore, you should get a new web hosting provider with good technical support as soon as possible. Do not waste your time with an untrained technical team.

An ideal web hosting service provides top-notch customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But, of course, no one tells you in advance about an outage or when you might need immediate tech support to fix up glitches.

So professional customer support who is always there to respond to you is imperative. They should be able to answer all your questions quickly. It is time to move on if you lack good customer support. Find another web host as soon as possible if inadequate customer support has just disappointed you.

No Backup Mechanism

There is always a risk of your website getting hacked, so backups are critical. If your provider is not serious about regular weekly backups, you need a new provider. Otherwise, be ready for heavy financial losses.

Extra Charges for SSL support

SSL is an abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer. It is a crucial website component that prevents hackers from eavesdropping your sensitive data and reading critical information like user information and credit card details. In addition, SSL ensures that all data that passes through the visitor’s browser and site server is completely safe. Also, it helps increase your search engine rankings.

Limited MySQL Database

The database is something all webmasters require, be it for installing new software or downloading a web application. Unfortunately, database restrictions may prevent you from the latest software updates.

What to Do?

Have you identified one or more signs as your web hosting provider’s trait? The first step is to identify if you can resolve the issue by switching from your hosting provider’s one package to another. If that does not work, you should definitely look for a new hosting provider.

Grid Hosting provides user-friendly and easy to manage hosting plans at affordable rates. We have well-trained staff in our customer support team who are available 24/7. Feel free to reach out for globally trusted hosting solutions.