Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

When Should You Use Unmanaged Dedicated Servers?


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Has your business grown to the point that VPS or shared hosting is no longer enough for you? If yes, you may have made up your mind about getting dedicated hosting. But there is one common confusion at this stage. Many people cannot decide between unmanaged dedicated server hosting and managed dedicated hosting. The decision is serious and making an informed choice is critical. If you are also confused about this topic, this article is for you. We will highlight the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers in detail. That would help you understand different situations. You will know if an unmanaged dedicated server is a better choice for you or managed dedicated server. 

Before beginning, let us remember what dedicated servers are. These are single-tenant machines. They are dedicated to one and only one website. That website utilizes all resources. Dedicated servers are famous for many things. They provide superior performance, great scalability, reliable security, and the best customization. 

The main differences lie in the responsibilities of both service providers.

Responsibilities of Unmanaged Dedicated Server Provider

  • They buy all related equipment. 
  • It covers everything, be it routers, switches, storage devices, or the server itself. 
  • Also, they must offer service level agreements on different things. They could be power, network, or hardware replacement. 
  • Unmanaged dedicated servers have many options for providers. They can pre-license and install an operating system (OS) of the customer’s choice.

Responsibilities of Managed Dedicated Server Provider

  • Managed dedicated service providers also do these all jobs. But they have some extra responsibilities. 
  • They also handle the installation and management of the operating system. 
  • Also, they install and manage standards applications. Some examples are .NET, Apache, Nginx, and PHP.  
  • They manage almost anything.

It is rare for one provider to specialize in managed and unmanaged servers at the same time.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Are you looking for a high-quality hosting service with excellent levels of freedom? Freedom here means the freedom to choose anything and configure it in any way. If the answer is yes, you should go for an unmanaged dedicated server. You can choose almost everything. Choose whatever server model and processing type you like. You can select the disk storage. Decide what specific applications you would like to incorporate into your workflow. 

A good provider will also take care of supporting infrastructure and OS licenses. They will not only buy the necessary equipment. Moreover, they will offer strong SLAs. Before selecting, be clear about what your provider offers. 

Types of SLA’s You Can Expect From Unmanaged Dedicated Server Providers

They provide SLAs for hardware replacement (servers only), power, and network uptime. If they breach SLA in any way, they will give you financial compensation. The amount may depend on the duration of downtime.

The number one is power SLA. The hosting provider’s data center is always full of different types of equipment. If power is lost to any equipment, the power SLA will effect. 

The second is network SLA. It covers the network’s uptime inside the hosting provider’s network only. For connectivity on the public internet, no provider will offer SLA. 

Also, no provider will offer you SLA for the uptime of the entire solution. Many design aspects can affect the resilience of infrastructure. In most cases, unmanaged providers let you choose the OS, and the rest is on you. 

You may choose unmanaged dedicated servers if you can manage the following things:

  1. Maintenance of Operating System
  2. Performance of Server
  3. Compatibility Issues
  4. Installation of applications on the server
  5. Configuring and maintaining those applications
  6. Security Measures (Some providers may offer DDoS protection and fixation of firmware issues)
  7. Managing DNS settings
  8. Managing other non-server items

So What Do You Get From Unmanaged Dedicated Server Providers?

Unmanaged dedicated servers make the most customizable, scalable, and secure hosting solutions available. You can even buy the equipment and place the server in a colocation space. But, that would increase your upfront costs. You will have to deal with many vendors as well. Unmanaged dedicated providers will save you from all these headaches and price tags. Besides, unmanaged dedicated servers come with significant control. The only thing that can limit you is server specification. 

The managed servers do not give you that level of control and are pretty expensive. But, they also make your life easy by managing most server aspects. Hence, it is a trade-off between control and price. The choice is yours. 

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