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Is Cheap Windows Dedicated Server UK Better Than VPS Server?

What Makes A Cheap Windows Dedicated Server UK Better Than VPS Server?

Which hosting plan should I buy for my website/blog/eCommerce business? This question puzzles a lot of website owners or business owners every day. They do not know much about hosting types and cannot decide if they require some cheap windows dedicated server UK or any Linux VPS hosting.

After reading this post from Grid Hosting, you will completely understand the fundamental differences between two main hosting types, i.e. Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server UK

What Makes Decisions Difficult?

The Internet world is full of advertisements, now shown as per your likes. One day you see an ad titled, ‘Get the best Cheap Windows Dedicated Server UK‘. The ad is full of magnificent benefits but lacks the basic knowledge about dedicated servers. You start making up your mind about it.

But soon, some other ad pops up, highlighting the benefits of some cheap windows VPS UK services. You are left confused since you don’t have basic knowledge about VPS.

Let’s clarify concepts by starting from the basic definitions.

Basic Hosting Types

Here are the definitions of the three basic hosting types.

1. VPS Hosting

Multiple websites using the single server but having their own set resource limits like RAM and bandwidth is called Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. If you max out and others are not using their full allocation, VPS uses hypervisor (a special software) to borrow resources from the other websites.

Flexibility, affordable pricing, and skillfully handling traffic surges make VPS hosting perfect for small business websites and large personal websites that do not need decent resource limits.

2. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the big cheese of the web hosting space. You get an entire server to yourself, which we call a dedicated server. A cheap dedicated server UK is high in demand.

A dedicated server grants you full control. You are free to choose your own resource limits. Dedicated hosting is perfect for medium and big businesses.

3. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic type only suitable for blogs or static websites. That is why our focus on this article will be on the two above prominent game players.

VPS Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting

Let’s begin by covering a few pros and cons of both.

Pros of Dedicated Server

  • Excellent Performance
  • Vast Resource Limits
  • There is no hassle of upgrading to a higher plan when your website grows

Cons of Dedicated Server

  • Expensive monthly pricing plans in comparison
  • Technical Knowledge Required

Pros of VPS Hosting

  • For the majority of websites, performance levels are impressive
  • Comparatively Cost-effective

Cons of VPS Hosting

  • Since you are still sharing, features can be limited
  • There is no performance comparison from a dedicated server

Critical Comparison in Six Different Parameters

Well, these were the pros and cons at a general level. So now we will compare both giants on six different grounds.

1. Resource Allocation

Pizza would be a perfect example. Imagine eight people sharing a single pizza by dividing it into eight equal pieces and then picture having your complete personal pizza. This is the exact resource allocation difference between any windows VPS server UK and cheap dedicated server UK.

Sure, you pay more for a complete pizza, but also, you get 100% resources. So yeah, there will be times you know you just require one piece of pizza. Feel free to choose VPS in that case.

2. Security

Living in a building of flats is safe, but what if someone leaves the building gate open? You are vulnerable. Yeah, there is a probability that intruders will not enter your apartment. But there also is an equal probability of them bursting into your apartment. So the risk is there.

Think of a dedicated server as having your own building if VPS is an apartment. Sure it may get affected, but at least others’ carelessness cannot destroy you.

Security software is available in both cases. However, you are in total control of any security breaches with dedicated hosting.

3. Performance

Performance is all about the speed at which your web pages load. Yes, VPS Hosting gives excellent speed, but a dedicated server takes the lead. If the best UK Windows VPS is a high-speed bus, the best-dedicated server is a turbo-charged, double-decker bus that can deliver tons of visitors to your site at unimaginably high speed.

4. Configuration & Customization

Both dedicated servers and VPS servers provide unmanaged and managed plans. Putting together furniture would be a good analogy. In the case of unmanaged plans, tools are given, and you build them yourself.  In the case of managed plans, the company makes it for you.

Despite being expensive, managed plans like managed windows VPS servers bring more sales than unmanaged plans. When it comes to customization, both VPS and dedicated hosting allow you to adapt your resource limits month-on-month, so there’s not much between the two.

So both provide managed and unmanaged plans, and both have adjustable resources that you can amend month-to-month. However, VPS Hosting has got a little competitive edge. When you exceed your monthly limits, you can borrow resources from other sites. Also, it is possible to get managed VPS with cPanel.

5. Scalability

This time VPS Hosting is the winner. The extent to which your hosting plan can grow with your website is scalability. Think of it as a growing tree. If dedicated hosting is a great oak tree with ample resources, indestructible security, an unbeaten performance, VPS is an olive tree with much more room to grow.

VPS Hosting serves as a middle ground for business websites that sit between needing a shared or dedicated hosting plan. VPS can hold and wait to grow with your site until you are ready to upgrade. If you seek a cheap windows dedicated server UK, your business must have already grown enough.

6. Cost

Dedicated hosting is far more expensive than VPS hosting. However, the comparative analysis of different dedicated hosting service providers would help you find slightly cheap windows dedicated server UK.

Putting It All Together

Hopefully, this article has helped clarify the difference between dedicated and VPS Hosting. The reading goal has been achieved if you fully understand the difference between terms like Cheap Windows Dedicated Server UK and Fast Windows VPS.

Feel free to reach out to the Grid Hosting team for queries.