Best Cpanel Hosting Provider Uk

Best cPanel Hosting Providers UK 2022

If you strongly believe that hosting account management should not be complex, you must opt for cPanel hosting. 

Why cPanel Hosting?

You do not have to learn any computer language and lets you control everything with simple clicks in a self-intuitive visual interface.

With cPanel hosting, you can manage anything, be it navigation & configuration of your website’s emails, domains, extensions, etc. However, one may question which is the best cPanel hosting provider. 

This control panel is a good choice for beginners looking for a straightforward control panel solution. However, just like other hosting control panels, cPanel has its benefits and drawbacks.


The first prime benefit of control panels is their highly intuitive interface. The modules are easy to manage and will show you a lot of features. The menus are also easily understandable. Moreover, you can navigate smoothly. 

There is no compatibility issue with the majority of browsers. It includes Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. You can also use great website builders and SEO tools with it. cPanel lets you integrate with a number of third-party applications. 

The number of great features cPanel provides is large. Also, all of the features are diverse and do not demand you to learn any advanced features. You can easily create subdomains and FTP accounts. All complicated things like the generation of backups and management of MySQL databases are also super easy. 

Another great advantage of cPanel is automatic software installation. We have already talked about a large number of features. Now it is time to tell you about Softaculous App Installer. With this great platform, you get access to as many as more than 400 different applications. Many mainstream content management systems also fall under the same category. Softaculous monitors each step of the software lifecycle. It is there from installation to updates. 

cPanel provides you with more than reliable support. Number of resources is huge in the form of blogs and cPanel forums. There are so many technical manuals for you to utilize, and they are available for both WHM and cPanel. Read them and you will know how you can resolve issues related to cPanel products. 


There are also a few downsides to cPanel. One of them is a vulnerability in security. Many experts feel that 2FA (two-factor authentication) is not cannot manage brute-force attacks very well. The only way out is to keep updating in time. 

Also, the license of cPanel is not really budget-friendly. In comparison with its competitors, it is really expensive. cPanel hosting would be a good solution when you are only managing a website. The host will let you use their license. 

Also, there is a risk of corruption and data loss. Sometimes, cPanel accidentally causes troubles for you. It will delete all data while updating and overwrite the server settings. The reason behind it could be a failed hard drive or maybe a crashed hard drive. The only way out in such disastrous situations is full disaster recovery. 

Grid Hosting: Best cPanel Hosting Providers UK

Grid Hosting provides you with all you ever need to run a cPanel hosting smoothly. It is secure, reliable, and intelligent. In addition, grid Hosting is famous for robust security algorithms. 

The company has added a plethora of smart security features to prevent unauthorized access to cPanel hosting plans, like SSH access and two-factor authentication. As a result, grid Hosting provides the most secure and convenient cPanel hosting packages. 

Clients say they can’t love the super-fast performance of Grid Hosting cPanel hosting solutions more. The blazing-fast networks deliver maximum productivity and high availability to make the performance top-tier. The robust algorithms are written by experienced programmers ensure you never have to go through any downtime. All pricing plans provide the users with fast-speed drives, processors, and routers.

The extensive feature set provides excellent solutions to help simplify the everyday server tasks. Streamline your workflow with more than a self-intuitive user interface. It is super convenient for you to monitor databases, manage emails, track daily user stats, process back-end components, and do many other managing tasks. 

Some of the best features are unmetered Bandwidth, unlimited accounts, unlimited space, domain privacy, IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support, unlimited space per account, and dedicated IP.

Starting Prices of Different Plans

  • Blue $1.12 monthly
  • Silver $1.97 monthly
  • Gold $2.38 monthly
  • Platinum $3.57 monthly

Some questions you should ask from cPanel Hosting Provider

  • Do you provide free cPanel licenses?
  • Can I efficiently manage everything from the dashboard?
  • Do you provide one-click installs? 
  • What resources are included in your plans?
  • How much flexibility does your hosting product provide for scaling?
  • Are there any hidden costs?

Are most of the answers yes? If so, chances are that particular hosting solution suits you.  

As far as question six is concerned, the answer should ideally be no. However, some may declare hidden prices. In that case, make sure that they have revealed all hidden fees, and your budget will still be more than enough.  

Putting It All Together

All cPanel web hosting providers are unique. Your requirements decide which is best for you. One solution’s feature offering, pricing, and hosting type may suit you, and the others may not.