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Business email domains

We offer Best email hosting, tons of cool features and varity of hosting packages to host business email domains.

Range of domain extensions

Large range of domain extension to choose from, contact if your required domain extension is not on the list.

Personal email hosting

Email communication is a serious business, setup your personal domain email hosting for security and reliability.

Email Hosting

  • Dovecot Mail Server
  • High Performing Email System
  • Mobile Email Support
  • IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • CalDAV and CardDAV Support
  • Webmail Access
  • Virus Scan, Spam Filter
  • Outlook, Apple Mail Client

Email Hosting Plus

  • MailEnable Platform
  • True Business Email Service
  • IMAP, POP and SMTP
  • CalDAV and CardDAV Support
  • Advance Webmail & Management
  • Virus Scan, Spam Filter
  • Outlook, Apple Mail Client
  • SyncML Support - Mobile Devices
  • Sync Emails, Calenders, Contact
  • Powerful Message Hygiene
  • Outlook MAPI Connector

Hosted Exchange

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Enterprise Messaging System
  • Full Featured Communication
  • Sync To All Devices
  • Email, Calenders, Contact
  • Mailbox & Calender Sharing
  • Public Folder Options
  • Modern Webmail & Management
  • Multiple Email Aliases
  • Virus Scan, Spam Filter
  • Powerful Message Hygiene
  • Outlook, Apple Mail Client

Professional Email Hosting Provider

Email Hosting Specialist

Operating successfully for over 12 years which is why we consider ourselves as an email hosting provider, POP3, IMAP, ActiveSync

Host personal email domains

Setup your personal email domain on our hosting platform, advertise youself than any free plubic mail servers.

Protected business emails

SSL/TLS level security for hosted secure and protected business emails and communication. Builtin spam filter and virus scan

Smart anti spam approach

Spam protection is one of the key addons included to host emails with us for incoming messages to be filtered for increased secuirty and reliablity

Sync emails to all your devices

Setup email hosting with IMAP provides out of the box features to sync emails, contacts and calendars to all devices this email address used on.

Email Client Software

Email hosting services is compatible with most of the email client software available in the markert, make use of auto config to setup account.

Email Hosting Features

  • Compatible with most mobile devices
  • User friedly webmail interface
  • Secure SSL/TLS connection
  • Sync Inbox and Sent emails
  • Free SMTP (outgoing) email server
  • Free advance spam filter
  • Multi recipient email redirects
  • Large mailbox storage options
  • Out off office, Auto responders
  • Instant Account Setup, No Setup Fee
  • Upto 20mb email attachment support
  • Secure email hosting packages

Exchange Active Sync Addon with IMAP/POP3

We have designed an fantastic oppertunity for business email users to have an email package with a mix of IMAP/ POP3 mailboxes with some email accounts enabled for Exchange Active Sync feature.

Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync is a premier synchronization technology for users that uses push technology to ensure emails, calendar items and contacts are automatically synchronized between and a variety of mobile devices, and latest desktop based email clients such as Outlook 2013, all in real time.

24/7 Customer Support

Website hosting, Email hosting and other services are user friendly and easy to use but our team is here to help in case you need at any stage.

Money back Guarantee

To add more confidence on our already tested and trusted services we offer 30 day no question asked money back guarantee on web/ email hosting services.

World class setup

We hold more than fifteen years of experience in setting up servers and hosting services, optimised latest hardware and software's are in use.

Guaranteed Uptime

Our services are backed by all possible reduncanies for optimised performance, We aim to keep guaranteed uptime for our hosting service.

Yes, you can sign up for just email hosting service, this can even work by keeping domain and website hosted else where and use only email hositng on our system. Setup MX-record forwarding for this service at the exsiting domain registrar to the given IP address of our mail server Click on this link to choose domain name and order web and email hosting service.
Indeed Upgrade or downgrade of an hosted email package can easily be done through the control panel, charges for this change will soon reflect (if applicable) on the account for either refund or make more payment.
All communication between email client and server is fully secured with TLS - transport layer security technology/protocol this makes it complete secure email hosting solutions. Which means communication between the pc/laptop or any other mobile devices with the email server is fully secure with the latest industry standards.
Yes, email forwarding can be used in two ways, one is to forward message to an in internal address, as you have created an email address, and a forwarding email alias such as info@ can also be received on the same email address. Forwading works for external mail systems as well, as a forwarder can be created as but can be forward to
Auto configuration is a feature through which an email address can easily be configured in outlook or in any other email client software by just supplying email address and password rest of the email configuration items such as incoming and outgoing servers or security settings can be automatically populated thought this feature on our hosted email solutions
Email inbox and sent folders along with calendars and contacts can be sync with multiple devices through webmail, Stay productive and organised through the advance webmail interface for pc/latop or all typle of mobile devices. Create or reply emails, calendars or contacts on one devices and changes will be visible of other.